Model of learning through practical participation


Methods of training include lectures, seminars, analyses of situations, working meetings, demonstrations via video and audio recordings, team work and practical experience („tasting" culture). The lectures aim at creating the framework of contexts while seminars offer practical directions to the terrain and field work.

Lecture modules:

  1. Introduction to the history and culture of the Balkans and Bulgaria
  2. Introduction to the local context (depends on the choice of the program)
  3. Bulgarian for foreigners
  4. Intercultural communication (departs from the inner-group understanding and continues with familiarization with the local cultural context by mini-lectures and various students' activities)
  5. Methods of field work (follows the logic of the research process – mini-lectures + reflections on the day's experience)

Taste(ing) – participation in culture:

Local cuisine


Ethno-design" (work on a material or intellectual product as a result of the experience and communication at the filed)

Educational trip: destination out of the research field; „reference field".