The Valley of Roses and Valley of Thracian Kings

The Valley of Roses and Valley of Thracian Kings includes the region of the towns of Kazanlak, Karlovo and Kalofer as well as the villages Skobelevo and Enina. All these settlements are located in the central part of South Bulgaria, between the Balkan Mountain range and Sredna gora Mountain range.

Research perspectives: The focus of attention in the field work is on how people rationalize the local heritage and its use as a resource of regional development, development of networks of social actors and social dynamics.

Research topics:

  • Construction of heritage and creation of local trade marks on the basis of roses and related production – The Valley of Roses
  • Memory – national, local and global in the construction of The Valley of Thracian Kings (Archaeology and Ethnology)
  • Technological heritage and its use for local development – arms industry; luthierie

Rituals and festivity in the socialist and post-socialist heritage – national and local; Buzludzha and Shipka projects.