The Black Sea and Strandzha Mountains

This terrain includes the municipality of Tsarevo and offers an approach to the links between town and village, sea and mountains, local and non-local (outside) people. As emblematic characteristics of the region the tourism, fishery, logging, the Strandzha Natural Park, border location, nestinarstvo should be listed. The majority of population descends from migrants from Eastern Thrace who replaced population sent to Greece and Turkey at the beginning of the 20th century.

Main themes:

  • Social construction of "nature": What policies of territorial planning exist? How the local people see, represent and use nature?
  • Occupation, ways of feeding, appropriation of ecological niche – relationship between nature and economic activities: how do people "consume" the sea and the forest?  
  • Social inclusion / exclusion and dynamics of the Roma people in Tsarevo: how they participate in the labor market? In what way are professional realization, social status and mobility intertwined (mobility and experience as social capital)?
  • Tradition, innovation and invented tradition; uses of memory and heritage: how the "local" is constructed, and how it is presented to the "other world"?
  • Memory and territory: how the space is mastered in narrative? How memory of the own space is constructed? What is the attitude to the border?

The tourism as interaction: What resources are used for touristic ends? How tourism influences the local communities?