Magdalena Lubanska is anthropologist of religion and assistant Professor in the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw. Her research interests focus on Muslim-Christian relations in the post-ottoman territories, religious (anti) syncretism, sacrificial rites, shared shrines, pilgrimage and healing practices. At present she is the principal investigator of the two research projects funded by National Science Centre of Poland: 1) Anthropological Theories and Social-Religious Life of Orthodox Believers in Local Communities of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Working Group: Centre for Anthropological Studies on Orthodox Christianity and 2) Multisensory Religious Imageries in Selected Catholic Shrines in South-Eastern Poland. She published numerous papers in journals such as the "Ethnologia Balkanica", "Anthropological Journal of European Cultures", "Slavia Meridionalis", "Lud" and "Bŭlgarski Folklor". Her recent book Muslims and Christians in the Bulgarian Rhodopes. Studies on religious (Anti)syncretism is going to be published this year by the De Gruyter Open Publishing House.