Julianne Funk (USA)

Julianne Funk is a peace scholar-practitioner. Her path has led her from her birthplace in California to call Chicago her American hometown, but today she also calls Europe home. One of these locations is Leuven, in Belgium, where she received her MA (peace and conflict studies) and PhD (social sciences). Another is Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina where she is currently based. A volunteer with Brethren Service, Julianne works with local and regional peacebuilding NGOs to learn from expert practitioners and provide support in research, reporting and fundraising. At the moment, she is consulting for the Ecumenical Women's Initiative in Croatia. She also continues to explore indigenous, and especially faith-based, conflict transformation resources as a research associate with the Centre for Research on Peace and Development at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, her alma mater. Julianne is especially interested in deepening mutual understanding and exchange between Christians and Muslims and between Christian churches. She has published on such themes as religion, identity and conflict transformation/ peacebuilding in Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as Islam and reconciliation.