Deborah Fogel was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. After studying history at Edinburgh University, she worked briefly as a film and television researcher in London before moving to Israel as a volunteer during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

She stayed on, working in Jerusalem as a film archivist and documentary film producer. In 1980 she moved to Toronto, where she produced educational films.

Since marrying Marc in 1985, Deborah has lived in the Boston area (except for one year in California) and pursued a career as a freelance editor and writer. She is an active volunteer for a number of Jewish and political organizations and for the last year has been working as a communications manager for CEDAR, a global educational network enabling members of disparate communities to recognize and accept their differences as they work toward a civil society.

Deborah has traveled widely and, as a result of her longer sojourns, is a citizen of four countries.