Dr. Mukidi graduated from Duquesne University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A in 1997 with a doctoral degree in Theology. Earlier on he had graduated with a Master of Education from the University of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A in 1992. His other qualifications include: a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Urbaniana, Rome, Italy; Diploma in Theology from Makerere University, Uganda; Diploma in Theology from Ggaba National Major Seminary, Kampala, Uganda and a Diploma in Philosophy from Katigondo National Major Seminary, Masaka, Uganda. Dr. Mukidi is currently working as Registrar of Uganda Martyrs University. He is also working as one of the Directors of Center for Action and Applied Research in Development (CAARD), based in Fort Portal, Uganda. For details, see www.caard.com   His commitment to education as a means to individual and community development has led Dr Mukidi to become an active founder of schools: he is the Director of Divine Mercy Secondary School and of Divine Mercy Nursery School, both located in Kiko, near Fort Portal, Kabarole District.

Dr. Mukidi has worked as Chancellor of Fort Portal Diocese from 1997 to 2006. From 2000 to 2003 Dr. Mukidi served as Parish Priest of Bukwali Parish, Fort Portal, Uganda. From 2005 to 2013 Dr. Mukidi served as Academic Registrar of Mountains of the Moon University, Fort Portal.

Dr. Mukidi's interests lie in the development of education, and the traditional languages and knowledge of Uganda. He is engaged in recording individual and community histories, translation and publication. Through CAARD he aims to bring the best of local experience into the schools of today, with the ambition of founding printing facilities in Fort Portal which is also a future initiative of CAARD.