Anna Goto

Born in Tokyo, grown up in a family of seven people including my grandparents,  whom I greatly respect, my values have been formed to appreciate the modesty, the understanding and the curiosity towards life. What make me feel passionate are especially the issues of  "peace", what people call "minority", and the various kinds of inequality and suffering that exist in the society where we live. The reason why I feel passionate is because I feel the pain. I feel pain for these issues that have to be understood or changed, and the passion and pain are tightly connected to my purpose to live life. One of the purposes is to spread the existing ideas that lead to the better society, and to create the new mechanism that addresses the global level of issues. In order to achieve them I am learning, especially from political and social point of view. Thanks to all the people and the nature that surround me, I am discovering new things and getting different perspectives on society and the world. With all my pain, passion and purpose, I would like to live my life to the fullest.