20 years Ethnology at Plovdiv University


In 2012 we celebrated 20 years since the initiating of teaching Ethnology at Plovdiv University. We share combined in a virtual exhibition moments of those years with you laugh

Faculty of Philosophy and History
University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"

The Faculty of Philosophy and History is established by the National Assembly on 13.05.2004 currently it trains students in nine disciplines - Philosophy, History, Archaeology, Ethnology, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Sociology and Human Sciences, Sociology of Law, Economic and Inovations and Theology. The total annual intake of students is about 300 people.
The beginning of the Faculty, however, was laid in 1994 when for the first time in Bulgaria started the specialty Ethnology. The newest specialty is Theology – 2008.
The academic members in the Faculty are 70 people, who sre divided into seven departments - Ethnology, Sociology and Human Sciences, History and Archaeology, Applied and Institutional Sociology, Philosophy and Theology.
The main task of the Faculty is the organization of teaching in undergraduate programs in nine disciplines. During the academic year 2014/2015 the Faculty offers 15 master's programs. The unique combination of specialties and specialists offers resources for interdisciplinary research. The Faculty of Philosophy and History is with the highest number of graduate students trained at the University. At all levels of education was introduced functioning credit system.
The Faculty has a computer lab and a local computer network.
Our department aims to conquer and defend the place as a leading scientific and educational center. In view of the successful organization and scientific and academic work, we concluded framework agreements with research institutes of BAS (Sociology) and the related Faculties in different Bulgarian universities (Philosophy and Theology Faculty at Sofia University, Faculty of Philosophy in SWU). It is envisaged that the development of general masters and doctoral programs in sociology with IS - BAS in philosophy with FF - University in ethnology (cultural tourism and cultural design) with the Faculty of Arts - SWU, etc.
In the Faculty there are four research centers - the Institute for Critical Social Studies together with the status of unit PU and the "Critique & Humanism", Centre for Anthropological and Ethno sociological Studies, Center for Philosophy of Mental Health and Research Centre "Science, Technology and Innovation". ICSS has organized several conferences, 6 international doctoral courses and seminars. The main objective of CAESS is to support the implementation of innovations in research in the educational process and to help to facilitate cooperation between Bulgarian and foreign scholars. Most important in this direction is PHILEUM program in the humanities and social sciences, the International Academic Network for Anthropology (IANA) and theoretical interdisciplinary seminar.
Faculty members carry out intensive research. They are participants and organizers of national and international scientific forums that has held several conferences we hosted a significant number of public lectures by renowned scholars from various countries. We have concluded bilateral agreements for exchange of students and professors with leading universities in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Russia. Exchange programs operate successfully and allow virtually anyone (student or teacher) to conduct a shorter or longer research visits abroad.
Working with students is a priority for teachers in the Faculty, not only with talented students. The specificity of education in ethnology, history and sociology suggests systematic fieldwork in the first semester of training. The student - bachelors, masters and doctoral students are participating in real research projects led by outstanding professionals enabling them to prepare adequately for their future professional tasks.